IMPACT Hiring Solutions


This is the primary website of Barry Deutsch and Brad Remillard, co-founders of IMPACT Hiring Solutions. In addition to describing our products and services, the website features a wealth of free content on hiring and retaining top talent, and executive job search. The site is a popular destination for hiring manager training and for executives in transition on how to conduct an effective executive job search.

Vistage/TEC Chairs

Magnet to Attract CEOs to Vistage-TEC Group Membership

Barry coaches Chairs one-on-one through a deep and intensive personal coaching program. Over 100 chairs worldwide currently are working with Barry on how to leverage social media and social networking to find, attract, and nurture potential CEOs for membership in their TEC and Vistage Groups. This coaching is supported through a private blog and LinkedIn Discussion Group for Chairs.

Hire and Retain Top Talent


Our primary publishing focus on how to hire and retain top talent is wrapped around our research and methodology in You’re NOT the Person I Hired. Our supporting Web properties include our popular Hire and Retain Top Talent Blog, our content publishing sites for Hiring Top Talent, Retaining Top Talent, Social Recruiting, and our moderated LinkedIn Discussion Group for Hiring and Retaining Top Talent.

Vistage/TEC Members

Do you put all your eggs in one basket for recruiting, sales, and marketing?

Most Vistage and TEC Member companies put all their eggs in one basket by not effectively using social media for marketing to develop and nurture leads, and close sales opportunities. Barry Deutsch and his Social Media/Sales Partner, Alice Heiman, help to implement easy social media solutions that have an immediate impact on marketing tactics, lead generation and nurturing, and revenue.

Executive Job Search Coaching

This is NOT the Position I Accepted - The Definitive Guide to conducting an effective job search by Barry Deutsch and Brad Remillard

Barry is recognized as one of the top Job Search Coaches for effective executive job search. His intense, rigorous, and high accountability program follows the definitive job search guide written by Barry and his partner, Brad Remillard, This is NOT the Position I Accepted. If you want to land that 6 figure plus job within a 3-6 month window, you can seek Barry’s help, or you can continue to take the DIY approach of 18-24 months.

Vistage/TEC Speakers-TAs

Vistage/TEC Speakers and Trusted Advisors Setting Themselves Apart from Their Competition

Barry coaches Vistage/TEC Speakers and Trusted Advisors on how to STAND OUT from their competition by leveraging social media and social networking and to find and attract new clients. His personalized coaching program is supported through a private blog and LinkedIn Discussion Group, in addition to curating the best content for Speakers, Consultants, and Coaches from across the Internet.


High School Girls Basketball Team

As a popular speaker and writer on SUCCESS, Barry Deutsch has put together a blog and curated sources from across the Internet on Personal Motivation, Character, and Values. His work in this area stems from over 25 years of executive search, interviews with over 100,000 candidates, over 1,000 search assignments, and almost a decade of coaching high school girls basketball.

Sales Through Social Media

Are You Missing Your Targets by Not Leveraging Social Media and Social Networking?

Are you missing sales targets and goals? Barry and his Social Media/Sales Coach Partner, Alice Heiman, have created a series of programs, tools, and training focused on helping sales teams leverage social media and social networking to find and uncover leads instead of cold-calling, nurture those leads to generate excitement in your services/products, and close more sales.