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OFFICIAL-Sounding Background:Barry Deutsch is a master coach helping his clients in 4 core areas: Hiring and Retaining Top Talent, Executive Job Search, Social Recruiting to Find Top Talent, and Leveraging Social Media for finding, attracting, and engaging with potential customers and clients.

The 4 core areas of Barry’s content, services, and products are organized around his primary website, IMPACT Hiring Solutions, and 7 Blogs, including Hire and Retain Top Talent Blog, Executive Job Search Blog, Vistage/TEC Chairs, Vistage/TEC  Member Leadership Blog, Vistage/TEC Speakers & Trusted Advisors, Sales Through Social Media, and his newest project – Motivation, Character, and Values.

In addition to Barry’s Blog Publishing Empire, his thought leadership is enhanced through content curation and LinkedIn Discussion Groups. Feel free to explore these best practice sites which are listed in the right-hand sidebar.

Barry’s services run the range from keynote speaking to one-on-one structured coaching with CEOs on how to improve hiring success. Visit each site to learn more about the Barry’s thought leadership on best practices, services, and products.

What really matters to you:


Are you missing the bullseye on finding, attracting, and engaging potential clients through social media? On this blog, I’m focused on helping Speakers, Consultants, Coaches, Trusted Advisors, Sales Managers, and Sales Professionals leverage social media to find, attract, and engage with potential clients. Using just a few proven tactics, I’ll show you how you can double your business with very little time investment.

I’ll show you how to STOP missing your targets!

What gives me the “authority” to be an expert in this subject area of leveraging social media?

  • I’ve  coached thousands of speakers, coaches, and consultants, and sales professionals through my popular Chair Workshop titled “Finding, Acquiring, and Engaging Potential Clients and Customers” for the last decade.
  • I moderate a number of LinkedIn Discussion Group for speakers, coaches, consultants, and sales professionals within the International Vistage and TEC Community of CEOs and Senior Executives
  • I’ve established a thought-leadership position within the job search and hiring sectors on how to leverage social media to find great opportunities and on how to find and attract top talent.
  • I’m finalizing a highly anticipated book on the subject of leveraging social media and social networking to drive leads, opportunities, referrals, and sales
  • Now I’ve taken these successful and validated techniques, and have applied them to working with speakers, consultants, coaches, trusted advisors, sales managers, and sales professionals in finding, attracting, and engaging with potential clients.

Perhaps, most importantly, I have used and continue to expand the use of these social media tactics and strategies as a Vistage/TEC Speaker and popular Consultant/Trusted Advisor to double my business in the area of executive search and hiring process improvement over the last 2-3 years.

I look forward to working with you on this journey in helping you to leverage social media to dramatically build your business.

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