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Are you ready to unlock all the secrets of leveraging social media to drive an abundance of leads, opportunities, and sales for your business?

Who would find the content on this Sales Through Social Media Blog most useful:

  • Speakers seeking speaking opportunities with trade associations, conferences, and management team meetings
  • Consultants and coaches wanting to find prospects for their services and obtain MORE business from their existing clients
  • Sales managers and sales professionals seeking a more efficient approach to nurturing leads, obtaining referrals, closing sales than traditional cold-calling

I'm an expert - are you sure?

Social Media and Social Networking Experts

There are less than TEN well-known “experts” in leveraging social media for networking if you’re attempting to use social media, such as LinkedIn, to find, attract, and engage clients or customers for leads, opportunities, and sales.

There are a lot of so-called “social media experts” who will tell you how to establish a Twitter account or that you should be posting a slide presentation onto Slideshare. Very few of these “social media experts” understand the concepts of social networking, organizing your contacts, expanding your contacts, and nurturing your contacts to a purchase decision. Very few of these “social media experts” actually practice what they preach.


Social Networking Learning

What would you learn by reading (subscribing) to our blog on leveraging social media and social networking?

  • How to make your LinkedIn Profile Your Home Base for Projecting your brand, image, differentiation, and as a marketing platform for your network
  • How to create a magnetic LinkedIn Profile that attracts and excites new clients and customers
  • How to dissect your network, segment your contacts, and begin the process of organizing your relationships to nurture them from prospects to paying customers and clients
  • How to create a platform for easily finding, organizing, writing, and publishing content that helps your contacts solve their “problems.”
  • How to automate the process of sharing content with your network that walks the delicate line between providing enough information to be the perceived “GO-TO Expert” in your niche and not being a pest by over-flooding them with information


Realistic Social Networking Expectations

Are you ready to put your toe in the water and begin using social media and social networking to find, attract, and engage new clients?This is not a short-term, get rich, make instant millions approach that so many “social media experts” promise. This is a dig-in, disciplined, deep-learning, continuous approach that will take you 12-24 months to truly master.

The reward from a leverage and income basis is extraordinary – but you’ve got to make the first step of “putting your toe in the water” to learn what works with social media and networking, what doesn’t work with social media and  networking, and how to be efficient and productive in engaging your contacts, relationships, followers, and connections.

If you’re ready to start that journey with us, jump into the blog, read some of the articles, download a few of our free studies or tools, and start asking us questions that allow you to move down the path of finding, attracting, and engaging new customers and clients through social media and social networking.

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